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The Twelves will be playing a free show tonight at a local club- AW YEAAAA.  They are a relatively new DJ duo, formed in 2005, hailing from Rio de Janerio. They can be classified as electroclash or electropop. They generally improvise during live shows blending keyboards, drum machines, mash-ups and remixing on the fly. Take a listen.

Damn, tonight can’t come soon enough!


I miss the days of being five. A time when it was acceptable to approach an unfamiliar face of the same age and ask, “Do you want to be my friend?” Generally, the answer would be, “Yes” and then you two could go on with your day as though you had known each forever.

Flash forward 20 plus years later and the scenario changes. Ask somebody the same question and most likely you will be laughed at. Then your ego turns to mush & the feeling of rejection sweeps over you. I have never asked this question, but I can only assume that is what would happen and how I would feel. Maybe I am over-thinking the situation…I tend to do that…but back on track here- why does this have to change with age? Why is it deemed desperate if you directly ask to be friends? It seems much easier than the game of absurd conversation, some flattery thrown in and then the typically awkward, “Hey, if you like ____ we should go do____.”

I feel being a girl makes this even more awkward. It is hard to gauge when other girls are approachable. Some girls are laid back and open to chat with strangers, but then you have the “mean girl” breed that look down their noses at you if you happen to breath in their direction. Guys are an entirely different story. Sorry to generalize, boys, but more often than not if a girl approaches a guy it is assumed it is out of sexual interest. Uh, no. Naturally, sometimes yes, but why can’t a meeting start on a platonic level? Hmph, we will never know.

I only started thinking about all of this, because I have been networking with different groups lately. I love meeting people with similar interests, but it is hard to gauge how warm someone actually is. First impressions always stick, which makes me super self conscious since I tend to be awkward. I’m not saying only when meeting new people, but I mean in the sense I am a klutz & embarrass easily. So maybe part of the problem lies within me, but I know for a fact it is socially unacceptable to cut the b.s. and blurt out, “let’s be friends!”

But alas, societal norms won’t be changing anytime soon. Meeting new people will continue to be somewhat of a game whether we like it or not. At the same time when you meet someone that disregards the game rules and just says hey, “You’re cool, let’s do something,” then you know you may have stumbled upon a genuine person.

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One of my guilty pleasures has to be Jersey Shore. They are definitely not the brightest, but hey, that makes it more entertaining. Apparently, many others feel this way, from teeny boppers to…business men?

Check out where the JS crew made an appearance today. I had to do a double take when I first saw that. I thought opening the NYSE was supposed to be for people of more knowledge and power. Then again, maybe not. In order to ring the bell you need be a politician, hero or entertainer. Upon further investigation people like Ryan Seacrest have also had this honor.

I’m not saying I wish I was invited to ring the opening NYSE bell, but I am saying that as I grow older I feel like the movie Idiocracy is coming to fruition. Soon enough the cast of Ow! My Balls! will be making appearances and GTL will be a thing of the past. Goes to show if you want to make a name for yourself you may as well forgo spending the money & energy on an education and, instead, work on your …tan? Damn. I wish I knew this before I ended my college career. Had I trained to be a broad instead I could be the next  Snooki. Don’t get me wrong, I’d party with Snooki all night, but aren’t there people doing bigger and better things (okay, maybe the pouf was pretty big) that deserve reocognition?

"Pickles is my thing"

I was super bummed I missed EDC this year. It is always a magical summer massive and this year included DJ’s I have yet to see such as the Swedish House Mafia, MSTRKRFT & Wolfgang Gartner. EDC weekend came and went and then the articles appeared. Over 100 people taken to the hopsital and over 200 injured (most articles cite 1 death by overdose)- in a span of two days…that doesn’t seem very PLUR to me. The majority of these injuries were a result of people being selfish and inconsiderate by attempting to “beat the system” and get into the venue for free. Way to go, ASSHOLES. Since when is ANYTHING free anymore. Last year we went VIP for EDC, which saved us from the terrifying general admission line from the prior year. I had never been pushed around or torn apart from my friends (mind you we were holding on to each other) so much- I was even more shocked at the fact it was at a massive. I saw many unsuspecting victims get tickets stolen out of their hand and then pushed away as the thief charged through the main gate. I thought it was a supposed gathering of love and life and music…hmm…somebody didn’t get the memo or I misread mine.

Meanwhile, in Germany the 21st annual Love Parade just took place with about 1 million in attendance. Much to my dismay (and lack of surprise due to current trends) 100 people were injured in a stampede and 19 claimed dead. Even more disturbing, the DJ’s were told to continue playing as the stampeding took place. What the F- is going on?

Overcrowding seems to be a key issue here, so thank you greedy promoters for fueling this fire. I am not placing the blame entirely on them, but it is (or so I thought) common knowledge that if you have a large crowd of anxious people in a small space things are more likely to go awry. You get a handful of disrespectful people pushing and shoving it will naturally cause a chain reaction, thus making anxious people even more rambunctious. Even people in mosh pits help each other when they fall- just keep that in mind. Maybe I am just being a cranky old lady, but it disturbs me that so many people were hurt or killed during events promoting LOVE and PEACE. I know stampedes can happen at any given event, but come on ravers, get it together, where is the PLUR?!

I could continue my rant, but I’ll keep the peace and end it. Just remember, at any event, to be respectful and don’t push or shove. We are all in the same crowded area waiting for the same show. Naturally, we would like to make it to the show in one piece.

I must confess, my summer soundtrack is a 6 year old release, but I’m still loving it. Kerrier District, an alias of one of my favorite DJ’s Luke Vibert, is considered an acid funk revival. I also think the infectious beats are disco infused- think Herb Alpert meets acid house.

Take a listen for yourself, here is one of my favorite tracks (also a big fan of Illogan & Yesco).

As If!

Posted on: 07/22/2010

I just learned that a movie I once assumed epitomized high school life is about to turn 15. Granted, I was 11 when the film opened and going to Catholic School in Arizona, I quickly learned it was a false truth, but still continued to watch this movie and quote it as often as possible.

WHATEVER, I will always love the movie Clueless until the day I die. I will always sing “Rolling with the homiesss…” at any given opportunity. I will always think of Cher & Dionne freaking out when they get on the freeway anytime I get on a freeway. I still always think “Murray” when I see Turk on Scrubs. And I still think of Travis’s heartfelt thank you to the people at McDonald’s anytime I get a McMuffin.

I suggest you take a moment this week and watch this epic 90s movie to celebrate the anniversary. Laugh at the silliness, study the fashion and remember when it was cool to declare, “AS IF!”


OH, how bittersweet summer is. I live in the Sonoran Desert, which means 100+ temperatures all summer long, but it also means we experience a dry heat. I always seem to forget how lucky we are in that regard. The air is never too thick to breath and you aren’t drenched in sweat all the time. This summer I spent some time traveling around Missouri and also going up to Manhattan- now those places reminded me what a pain in the ass humidity is. It’s no fun to sweat your make-up off and just as bad to have frizz-ball hair 24/7.

Luckily, the brilliant folks at Urban Decay have created goodies to prevent summer make-up meltdowns. They are well worth the cost. De-Slick in a tube was always in my purse during my vacation adventures. It prolongs the life of foundations or powders when applied as a base & it can be used OVER make-up for touch-ups. I was wary it would leave some obscene creamy stain on my face, but it blended right in and viola, no more shine!

I also love, love UD’s All Nighter Longer Lasting Make-Up Setting Spray. I sadly have not been able to stay up long enough to put it to the 14 hour test, but I can vouch for a 12 hour life span. It really does keep your make-up put & skin looking matte even after a long night of dancing. The trick is spray an “x” (one slash at a time)  across your face from about 8-10 inches away and then step into the mist. Obviously, best to keep your eyes closed.

Want cheaper alternatives? As a teenager I learned you can use a non-aerosol hairspray as a make-up setter- not the best thing for your skin, but if you have healthy skin & need a one time setter it will get the job done. Just be sure to wash your face after. Blotting papersI stick with Clean & Clear papers- they are cheap and act like an oil sponge. also work wonders. I try to have a pack on me all the time. They come in all sizes & brands, running from $2.50 (available at drugstores in skincare) up to $30 for designer brands like Papier Poudre.

Ladies, don’t sweat over summer or at least make people believe that you don’t!


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