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Lull Life

Posted on: 08/05/2010

I’ve been so busy with projects that I have a major case of writer’s block. By the time I sit down pen in hand or keyboard before me my brain is already mush. Productive times like these sometimes stir inspiration- other times, not so much. Like now. Instead when I sit looking at a blank page I feel like I am examining a microcosm of my own life. A blank slate ready to be embraced by creative forces. Damn, where are these forces when I need them.

Welp…I hope inspiration bites soon, at least in the realm of writing. For now, back to Fun, Fun, Fun.


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  • saracfry: Good post. Thank you. I think that you might appreciate an article I just wrote titled "The Purity of Love"
  • fullblather: Ugh. I'm happily married but I really hate Valentine's Day and the way it feels so forced. I also hate how people make it seem like something is "wron
  • matt: Be the right person, instead of looking for the right person.


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