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The Detroit House scene lost a legend today. I am so sad that Aaron Carl has passed. He loved his fans so much- so much so that he has been using networking sites and other multimedia means to explain his recent health problems.

Obviously, I followed Aaron’s various networking trails and his last post to the world web wide as of Tuesday was  “Finished the bone marrow biopsy. Ouch! Now I’m preparing for the lymph node removal. Surgery, here I come!”

I hoped for the best and I was sad when I saw my newsfeed flood with messages to Aaron in the afterlife. I had never been able to see him perform and I am sad I never will. I was able to watch his life from a distance with his constant posts, pictures and messages to his fans and it was obvious he was a kind, kind soul. Many will miss him.

His soul and music has and will continue to inspire me and other fans as We Are Revolutionizing the Movement of Techno and House.

Your legend will live on forever, Aaron Carl. Much love.

Aaron Carl doing what he did best


Lately I have been feeling my biological clock ticking away. Not necessarily my “baby” clock, but my “holy-crap-I’m-almost-30-and-have-so-many-goals-before-settling-down” clock.  Maybe this is odd, but I have heard similar things from those my age.

To deal with this I made a list of my goals and have been trying to figure out how to achieve these. The main goal is move to a bigger city, but, of course, money is the biggest obstacle with that. I have been diligently saving money to deal with this and also have been working towards expanding my portfolio (writing & art) to (hopefully) open more doors to opportunity.

I assumed doing these things to reach my goals would be the right thing to do. However, I began to second guess myself when I started to experience some sort of “backlash” from friends and family. Having grown up with friends within the circles of ravers, hippies and artists we did many group outings and more often than not I have unexpected visitors drop by. Of course it is always nice to have company, but how am I supposed to work on a story when I am suddenly deemed hostess. At the same time I am Mexican, so we are also expected to do everything together. Heck, I was expected to stay living with my parents until I found a husband.

With facebook, e-mail, cell phones, etc. it is impossible to drop off the radar. My disappearing act quickly led to slightly confrontational e-mails and texts from friends and family. “What happened to you? I thought we were friends.” “Why don’t you stay with your relatives for the weekend?” My first thought was, wow I am a terrible person, I let all these people down and my gut reaction was to fill up my planner with dinner dates for the next month. As I started to stress about it I took a second to sit back and think.

Looking back two to three years ago I’d go straight from work to different friends’ houses to play video games or watch TV until I was on the verge of passing out. Okay, all things considered, it was good fun, but now it seems like I threw away too much time. I had just graduated from college, so I was ready to savor my freedom and let some brain cells shrivel, but maybe that wasn’t the best option. Now, I definitely try to see family and friends as often as possible, but at the same time I realize I need to work more in order to reach my goals.

This made me think about the delicate balance between work and play. I work to live not live to work. At the same time, my “work” outside my salary job is what I am truly passionate about. They are ways to cope, meditate, reflect and express those emotions I don’t know how to otherwise. The trick is to avoid recluse state. You only have so much time to spend with loved ones, family and friends alike, but at the same time you can’t give up your pursuits to spend every waking second with them. Achieving this balance will definitely be the hardest part.

Remembering to keep that balance and keep loved ones close hit me the hardest when my tata passed last year. Growing up my brother and I would spend every Sunday with my grandparents. Tata would take us for a ride in his new car and we would go explore the “creek” in the park. I cherish every one of those memories. As his health declined he was stuck at home all the time. I would stop by and visit and take something to satisfy his sweet tooth. At this point I was old enough to want to talk to my tata and learn more about his life, but he was barely audible although he remained animated.  My nana could decipher most of what he said and he generally encouraged me to continue doing well in school and work. When he passed away I hadn’t seen him for weeks. It crushed me I never got to say goodbye. I never got to take him one last bag of lollipops or pan de juevo. I went straight to my nana’s the morning he passed and spent the whole day there. She reassured me he knew how much I loved him and he was proud of my accomplishments. I told her I still felt awful inside and that’s when she said something I never expected- “You are living your life. He loved you and he understood you couldn’t be here all the time. You have to do what makes you happy- no matter what.” Her words calmed me. Of course I was still mourning the loss, but it put life in perspective.

With all the chaos life brings I forgot the words of my nana, but recent events led me to talk to older friends. I asked them what it was like for them at this age and if they experienced anything similar. Surprisingly, they all said the same thing as my nana. They reminded me there comes a time when you have a priority shift and you can’t spend all your time “hanging-out” like you used to. I definitely miss the days of leisure and lack of responsibilities, but c’est la vie. Others will have the same epiphany, but they all occur at different times.  It is what it is and nobody can do anything to speed up the process.  In the meantime you just do what you need to do and those close to you will understand and if they don’t now they will soon enough.

I guess this is just part of growing up. I wish life had an instruction manual.


Posted on: 09/16/2010

Yeesh. I have been re-living my youth and watching every X-Files episode (sans Daggett) starting with season 1- currently I am at episode 1 of season 5.

One of the freakiest X-Files scenarios, to me, is the mutated/unknown bacteria, virus, etc. Maybe the movie Outbreak scarred me as a child (something about the cuteness of the monkey combined with the nightmare factor of the inevitable death-bug will always haunt me), but who rally knows.

Now my fear has become a reality- or I am overreacting due to my X-Files marathon (I’m guessing the latter for the time being. Japan has just confirmed a case of a new superbug- read all about it here and here.

The NDM-1 trail has already begun. If I hear about a cute, furry animal becoming a carrier I fear I won’t be able to sleep for months. Here come the Outbreak nightmares again…

The face which haunts my dreams

Once again, another broad has blown my mind. You think the term broad is derogatory? Well, my apologies, but as a woman I feel that dressing unprofessionally in the workplace is “broad-ish” and gives women as a whole a bad reputation. Need a visual aid? Let’s examine this photo of sportscaster Ines Sainz below:

How to dress like a broad in the workplace

Okay, maybe I was being harsh and showing that much midriff and wearing jeans that are painted on is a common practice. HA, HA- I kid, I kid. Apparently, Sainz wore her “fashionable” attire to conduct some interviews with the Jets. Much to her surprise players made advances on her and she was the victim of “rude vocabulary” and now she hopes the NFL takes appropriate action.

Hmm…let me think about this. An attractive woman in revealing clothing shows up to conduct interviews with a group of, presumably, testosterone teeming athletes and she is surprised by the rowdy behavior of the men. Where is the logic in this? Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is okay for men to harass scantily clad women, but I am saying that as a woman you should be aware that dressing so easily welcomes that type of attention.  AND you should especially NOT dress like that for your PROFESSION. You are expected to be PROFESSION-AL- i.e. keeping it classy ladies. Now if you were going booty shaking in the club that would be appropriate attire.

I understand that women have come a long way in regards to their rights, but this does not mean we should be running around showing off our goods in a professional setting. That, my friends, is the fastest way to loose all that respect we have gained.

I do give Sainz some credit. Since this incident, and a Today Show interview with her girls busting out, she is now claiming she never felt she was “attacked. Hopefully she realized she was being a dumb broad about the situation and that maybe she should put some clothes on.

When I logged on WordPress today one of the blogs on the home page was: We All Married the Wrong People.

Now the “M” word is currently not an active part of my vocabulary, but I am at an age where more and more people I know are getting married. When I initially noticed this post I scrolled over thinking, Ugh, more of this marriage b.s., but I must admit it was a worthwhile (and quick) read.

I thought this article encapsulates the common marriage follies I hear about and the premise is also applicable to any relationship you may have (friends, family, etc.). In a nutshell, attitude and communication are the pillars of any given relationship- especially marriage. Naturally, this all sounds so simple on paper, but mix in human emotions or factors like jealousy and greed and you have a giant mess. It all boils down to accepting some things are beyond our control to change and understanding resolutions can be made.

Nobody is perfect, yet we seem to forget that rather often.

My brother and I have this running gag. We play this game that combines I Spy & Stuff White People Like. For example, I see a guy wearing a fedora and giving thumbs up I would turn to my brother and mumble, “Stuff White People like- fedora’s & thumbs up.” One point for me.

Interestingly enough OkCupid did some research to see “Stuff (insert ethnicity here) People Like.” I started to write about certain “stuff” that popped out at me, but then I realized, why spoil the fun- read for yourselves.

I will say I was NOT surprised about the following:

  • White guys like: Van Halen & being a country boy; Women like: being blonde & diet coke
  • Black guys like: soul food & holla-ing; Women like: The Color Purple & church
  • Latino guys like: bachata & reggaton; Women like: dancing & lipgloss
  • Asian guys like: software development & finance; Women like: cellphones & being petite
  • Indians of both sexes like Bollywood

There you have it- the secrets of stuff people really like.

It is pretty obvious I like bright colors & cute/borderline kitsch (okay, sometimes I am attracted to kitsch as well) objects. Now the people that truly know me know that I have and will always love black and that there will always be a little angry goth kid inside me. And yes, I still listen to Bauhaus and Joy Division when I need a pick me up.

Needless to say, my heart skipped a beat when I found this genius morbid, poetic, Victorian-esque alphabet. Seriously, this made my morning. It even made me giddy that they used the words lye and ennui. I know, I know, I’m a nerd, but hey that’s all I have- let me have my fun.

Now excuse me, I need to go smoke a cigarette and get more coffee.


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