Be the Cat's Meow


Posted on: 09/16/2010

Yeesh. I have been re-living my youth and watching every X-Files episode (sans Daggett) starting with season 1- currently I am at episode 1 of season 5.

One of the freakiest X-Files scenarios, to me, is the mutated/unknown bacteria, virus, etc. Maybe the movie Outbreak scarred me as a child (something about the cuteness of the monkey combined with the nightmare factor of the inevitable death-bug will always haunt me), but who rally knows.

Now my fear has become a reality- or I am overreacting due to my X-Files marathon (I’m guessing the latter for the time being. Japan has just confirmed a case of a new superbug- read all about it here and here.

The NDM-1 trail has already begun. If I hear about a cute, furry animal becoming a carrier I fear I won’t be able to sleep for months. Here come the Outbreak nightmares again…

The face which haunts my dreams


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