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My Suicide PSA

Posted on: 10/13/2010

I try to avoid the whole PSA thing, but I feel like suicide is something worth mentioning.

Unfortunately, the reason I decided to write this was due to the recent suicide of someone very close to a friend of mine. Yesterday I was with her when she received the call that her friend had taken his own life. I had seen him pretty recently too. He had an adorable baby and seemed to be in a happy place, but you can never know for sure.

I have been fortunate to never have somebody extremely close to me commit suicide, but I have known many that were once friends of mine who moved away and/or we had gradually drifted apart. This past summer 2 people I met through the party scene ended their own lives. Both seemed to have started life on a fresh page- one had even just returned to the states after being deployed to Afghanistan. I remembered talking to my friend while he was overseas and he was overjoyed when he knew he was to return soon. We made plans to meet up again to celebrate his return, but that never happened.

I have struggled with depression and I know one of the hardest things is admitting you are in a dark place. You don’t want to be the downer of the group. Not to mention all the people that respond with, “That is your choice to feel depressed, get over it.” For the record, sometimes we can’t help it and your negativity only makes us feel worse. It makes us feel flawed and even more of an outsider.

Here is my advice to those that have struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts: even when you feel unloved and worthless remember that at least one person in this world loves you. In fact, chances are you are loved by many and when you take your own life you break many hearts. It reminds me of one of my favorite Sylvia Plath quotes (which she unfortunately did not take to heart or took it to well):

“To annihilate the world by annihilation of one’s self is the deluded height of desperate egoism” –Sylvia Plath

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Nothing comes easy and that only makes the journey more fulfilling. When you end your life prematurely you are giving up. Don’t give up. Don’t let the world break you down. Fairytale endings don’t exist and there is a dark side to everything. You just have to make the best of the current situation and work towards what makes you happy.

Here is my message to those that may know people that have been suicidal: it is okay to reach out to help. In fact, they are quietly looking for anyone to hold on to. They may be reluctant to open up at first, but that does not mean they are pushing you away. Just give them time and constant reminders that you care about them and will always be there. Just don’t bombard them with questions and tell them they need to get over themselves. It may take some time, but really they just want to know you care.

This concludes my PSA. I hope some of you take this to heart- and I mean from both ends of the spectrum. Too many lives are ended to early because of suicide and I feel this is something we can work towards changing. I admit, you can’t save the whole world, but it means the world for those you do save.


Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Information About Suicide & Support Group

Info & FAQs About Anxiety Disorders


2 Responses to "My Suicide PSA"

Thank you for this post! I’m sure there are lots of people who need to hear what you wrote.

Thank you for reading! I feel this is a topic unfairly deemed taboo. We are all human and it is only human to experience emotions. Life’s pressures can be overwhelming at times, but there is no reason anybody has to experience that burden alone.

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