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“New” Year

Posted on: 01/03/2011

I think I missed something….

…or maybe I have stumbled into the bizarro world…

but last I checked New Year’s is an OPPORTUNITY for personal growth and goals. The start of a new year does not magically dissolve any unresolved issues from the prior year. I thought this was common knowledge, but a lot of people seem to think otherwise.

I am definitely not saying to forgo any resolutions all together, I am just reminding you that a NEW, better and bigger year is ahead if you actually work towards your resolution goals. You can’t just say that 2011 will be better than last year, you need to make it happen. Trust me.

I only say this because I have heard far to many people refer to 2011 as the end to all personal problems. 2011 marks the end of 2010 and personal problems are, well, personal. Nobody or anything can fix it besides you.

I am not trying to nag, I promise, I only mention this, because I am experiencing deja vu. I have seen this happen in various forms. In fact, it happens often. People set high, unrealistic goals and then they sit back to presumably watch these “goals” take place. Your bank account won’t magically fix itself and your work ethic won’t magically change. The problem wasn’t the year (2010) it was you. You were most likely the initiator of whatever said stress, crisis, etc. If you don’t resolve the problem within yourself, chances are, you will most likely find yourself in the same situation (many times) before 2011 is over.

Just to clarify I don’t live a stress free life, but I have cut stressful factors out of my life and I am aware of personal triggers. One of the things that stresses me out is trying to help as many people as possible and a resolution of mine is to fix this. This doesn’t mean I will cease helping people, but I will not bend over backwards and I need to take my personal needs into consideration too. We are all thrown into this world with the same basic resources, so why should anyone expect special treatment? There is no handbook about how to deal with life’s dilemmas- it is learn as you go. If you don’t work towards this goal of learning (about yourself, about others, about everything!) how will you ever grow as a person? The only constant in this world is change, so take a second to look inside and see how you can better yourself.

Take 2010 as a learning experience. Actively work towards your resolutions. Life goes on and if you don’t deal with your own personal problems 2011 will be a repeat of last year.


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