Be the Cat's Meow


Posted on: 01/31/2011

When I was a kid I remember looking up to every adult as though they were some sort of super hero. I thought being an adult meant you had accomplished great things. I admired figures of authority like my parents, teachers and politicians to name a few.

Now society classifies me as a young adult, but I view the label loosely, because I still feel I have room to grow. I still feel overwhelmed at times and am not ready to settle in any manner. I am not ready to buckle down with a career and in no way am I ready to settle and start a family of my own. If I were my mother I would I have two children by now- the thought dumbfounds me.

This does not mean that I am a lazy. It just means I am open to all opportunities currently and by no means could I handle supporting anyone beyond my three cats.

Recently, I have been reevaluating the whole “adult” situation. I know plenty of elders considered “adults,” but I also have witnessed many immature and ill conceived actions by some of these so called “adults.”

I started to realize that adulthood is different stage for everyone once I was in my late teens. As a child you can’t even begin to grasp the big picture. You just assume people are miraculously blessed with intelligence as they age.

Once you are old enough to realize this is a falsehood you start to understand how one’s experiences mold and shape their thoughts. Sadly, you start to realize that some people do not allow their minds to be influenced by their experiences. Ignorance truly is bliss and some people chose to live this way. They think the world works according to their reality and that they don’t need to oblige to any rules. These are the people that act entitled, that blow off responsibilities, abuse systems, behave disrespectfully, and the list goes on.

I just continue to be baffle by the lack of awareness certain people display. People that can be put in the “adult” bracket. How can you not understand the reaction of your actions? If you act disrespectful or break a rule how do you not expect to be reprimanded in some way. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction- this applies to more than just physics!

Maybe I am rambling on, but this topic has plagued my mind and it continues to baffle me. I consider myself to be a mature and rational young adult with occasional bouts of immaturity. However, an immature moment for me would be laughing uncontrollably at a fart joke, whereas an immature moment for “adults” would be screaming at your child for playing too loudly- on the playground. Another example is knowingly placing blame on an unknowing party. I mean, really? If some of the most sly and intelligent criminals get caught, what makes you think that you won’t?

I just hope this lack of judgment isn’t something that comes with age. I have met plenty of people my senior that I look up too, but there are also those that I can only shake my head at. Why would they take advice from a twenty something anyways? It will be a never-ending battle and you can never help those that don’t want help.

All I ask is that you don’t become one of those people. Don’t become someone that relies on everyone, but themselves. Don’t expect others to spend their hard earned money paying for your mistakes. Don’t bitch about being poor when you blow all your money on drugs and alcohol. Don’t think that you are that entitled person that can yell their demands and disappointments to everyone. Don’t complain about spending all your money on your child- it is your child for heavens sake. Don’t project your own faults on to others. Don’t get pissed off when you get caught for whatever you did wrong. You made all the choices that got you to where you are today. Man up and take responsibility. If you don’t like your life then YOU need to do something about it.



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