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*I wrote this back on 2/24/11 and somehow forgot to hit the publish button, so now I finally did*

Unless you are hiding with Osama Bin Laden, you have probably seen some form of the “I ❤ Boobies” campaign.

I thought the Susan G. Komen Foundation method of painting everything pink was the best marketing option to raise breast cancer awareness, but now I’m not so sure.

It seems, as though overnight, I ❤ Boobies merchandise appeared everywhere- from bracelets, shirts, bumper stickers, keychains, and god knows what else.

Initially, I assumed the Komen Foundation, being the marketing gurus they are, started this campaign. Upon researching I learned the Keep A Breast (KAB) Foundation came up with this. KAB started this to “speak to young people in their own voice about a subject that is often scary and taboo” and raise awareness in teens.


Now besides seeing the slogan plastered everywhere I heard about the “Boobies” campaign because schools were banning students ( from elementary to middle school) from donning any “Boobie” gear.

Okay, to review, KAB started the Boobies campaign for younger girls, but schools are banning students from showing support.

Hmmm…to be honest, I would have voted against the “I ❤ Boobies” campaign for that reason. Obviously, conservative parties would find that offensive and, I admit, I am even slightly offended by toddlers donning “I ❤ Boobies.” Maybe offended isn’t the right word, but having worked with young children and families for over 15 years you learn that certain phrases or actions rub people the wrong way. Boobies would definitely fall into that category. ranging from the word boobie to something like breast-feeding in public, so, naturally, marketing something with the word boobie will anger people. Generally, it is best to avoid angering parties when promoting anything. You do not want your campaign to spread out of negative feedback.

I’m not hating on the KAB campaign. I think breast cancer awareness is important and I have many family members that have been diagnosed and undergone surgery. I am just saying maybe KAB should have considered other options before claiming “I ❤ Boobies.”

For example, prostate cancer is another issue that needs support and adolescent men need awareness, so why aren’t there bumper stickers proclaiming “I ❤ Balls”? On wait, doesn’t the term “balls” offend some? Isn’t balls considered slang and deemed inappropriate according to societal norms? Wouldn’t young men want to sport “I ❤ Balls” hoodies and caps?

I think it is fair to say boobies and balls fall into the same category of “taboo body-part names,” so why hasn’t anyone started an “I ❤ Balls” campaign? Probably for the same reasons KAB should have considered why “I ❤ Boobies” can offend older generations. I can talk about boobies and balls all day, but I am not the general public.

I still think the Boobies campaign has proven successful, but I still argue, where is my “I ❤ Balls” shirt?

I haven’t really had any inspiration these days.

Life’s surprises have kept me on my toes and my writing has been non-existent.

I meant to write about all the tragedy in Japan and, after reading countless articles, it only made me even more depressed. At this point, I figured, I may as well scrap it since it has an ongoing news story. I look forward to writing about the recovery. Japan is a strong nation and I know they will be resilient. It will be a long process, but they have overcome many hardships in the past and soon enough they will also overcome this.

In unrelated news, which you could probably care less about, I am buying a house. Even more surprising, it is the house I currently live in. This was not something I was seeking out, but circumstances have pushed me in this direction. Considering the recent financial crisis I must confess I am pretty terrified. I was able to avoid loans for college, but there is no way I can avoid a loan for this. The “M” word (mortgage) also scares me. I know it is a common part of “adult life,” but I just think the whole situation is what caught me off guard. I like to be a bit of a planner and attempting to make plans seems to be to no avail these days.  It is best to live in the present and life has definitely forced me in that direction. No need to put all this energy into plans that may never take place.

Moral of my stories:

1) No matter how crappy life gets remember it gets better. I feel fortunate I did not experience the recent events in Japan and my heart goes out to those that have.

2) All we can do is live in the present. No matter how hard we try to plan everything we can only take it as it comes.

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