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Once again, another broad has blown my mind. You think the term broad is derogatory? Well, my apologies, but as a woman I feel that dressing unprofessionally in the workplace is “broad-ish” and gives women as a whole a bad reputation. Need a visual aid? Let’s examine this photo of sportscaster Ines Sainz below:

How to dress like a broad in the workplace

Okay, maybe I was being harsh and showing that much midriff and wearing jeans that are painted on is a common practice. HA, HA- I kid, I kid. Apparently, Sainz wore her “fashionable” attire to conduct some interviews with the Jets. Much to her surprise players made advances on her and she was the victim of “rude vocabulary” and now she hopes the NFL takes appropriate action.

Hmm…let me think about this. An attractive woman in revealing clothing shows up to conduct interviews with a group of, presumably, testosterone teeming athletes and she is surprised by the rowdy behavior of the men. Where is the logic in this? Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is okay for men to harass scantily clad women, but I am saying that as a woman you should be aware that dressing so easily welcomes that type of attention.  AND you should especially NOT dress like that for your PROFESSION. You are expected to be PROFESSION-AL- i.e. keeping it classy ladies. Now if you were going booty shaking in the club that would be appropriate attire.

I understand that women have come a long way in regards to their rights, but this does not mean we should be running around showing off our goods in a professional setting. That, my friends, is the fastest way to loose all that respect we have gained.

I do give Sainz some credit. Since this incident, and a Today Show interview with her girls busting out, she is now claiming she never felt she was “attacked. Hopefully she realized she was being a dumb broad about the situation and that maybe she should put some clothes on.


I’ve just discovered lookbook recently & I am a huge fan. You can browse through the infinite reader submitted photos of unique fashions by category (i.e. brand, women, scarves, pants, etc.).  I admit some of the fan photos remind me too much of the 80s, but plenty offer an inspirational look.

I must confess, Lady Gaga has started to grow on me. I am still not her biggest fan, but her catchy bubblegum songs do get me in a dancing mood.

Hello Kitty, however, is something I have adored since I was in diapers. Therefore I was giddy, yet jealous that Lady Gaga was lucky enough to do this. Damn you, Lady Gaga, you lucky bitch.


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