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I happened to come across a blogspot I had to create for a class in college.

All of the silly/embarrassing parts (like the url, headlines & interests) are still pretty accurate for the most part.

If you want to know more about Victorian literature or just want a good laugh you should check it out: The Mindless Banter of Another Lost Youth.

Sadly, after reading this I feel compelled to go analyze a novel…



Drafts of a poem focused on the suicide of Sylvia Plath by ex-husband Ted Hughes are now available for viewing in the British Library’s archives. Last Letter is said to be a missing piece of the Birthday Letters, his final collection which detailed his life with Plath. Last Letter details the three days leading up to Plath’s tragic end addresses his reaction to the her suicide.

The two had only been separated for five months when she took her own life in the most morbid (yet fitting) fashion- carbon monoxide poisoning by putting her head in the oven. It is uncertain whether or not the separation pushed Plath over the edge. She had struggled with depression most of her life as it was.

The copies of the poem were obviously drafts since Hughes was known for clean typed copies of finished work. The drafts of the poem were found handwritten on paper. These were the only excerpts I found posted online. I am very curious about the rest of the piece, but it will most likely be kept in the British Library and not published.

It is pretty obvious I like bright colors & cute/borderline kitsch (okay, sometimes I am attracted to kitsch as well) objects. Now the people that truly know me know that I have and will always love black and that there will always be a little angry goth kid inside me. And yes, I still listen to Bauhaus and Joy Division when I need a pick me up.

Needless to say, my heart skipped a beat when I found this genius morbid, poetic, Victorian-esque alphabet. Seriously, this made my morning. It even made me giddy that they used the words lye and ennui. I know, I know, I’m a nerd, but hey that’s all I have- let me have my fun.

Now excuse me, I need to go smoke a cigarette and get more coffee.

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