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OH, how bittersweet summer is. I live in the Sonoran Desert, which means 100+ temperatures all summer long, but it also means we experience a dry heat. I always seem to forget how lucky we are in that regard. The air is never too thick to breath and you aren’t drenched in sweat all the time. This summer I spent some time traveling around Missouri and also going up to Manhattan- now those places reminded me what a pain in the ass humidity is. It’s no fun to sweat your make-up off and just as bad to have frizz-ball hair 24/7.

Luckily, the brilliant folks at Urban Decay have created goodies to prevent summer make-up meltdowns. They are well worth the cost. De-Slick in a tube was always in my purse during my vacation adventures. It prolongs the life of foundations or powders when applied as a base & it can be used OVER make-up for touch-ups. I was wary it would leave some obscene creamy stain on my face, but it blended right in and viola, no more shine!

I also love, love UD’s All Nighter Longer Lasting Make-Up Setting Spray. I sadly have not been able to stay up long enough to put it to the 14 hour test, but I can vouch for a 12 hour life span. It really does keep your make-up put & skin looking matte even after a long night of dancing. The trick is spray an “x” (one slash at a time)  across your face from about 8-10 inches away and then step into the mist. Obviously, best to keep your eyes closed.

Want cheaper alternatives? As a teenager I learned you can use a non-aerosol hairspray as a make-up setter- not the best thing for your skin, but if you have healthy skin & need a one time setter it will get the job done. Just be sure to wash your face after. Blotting papersI stick with Clean & Clear papers- they are cheap and act like an oil sponge. also work wonders. I try to have a pack on me all the time. They come in all sizes & brands, running from $2.50 (available at drugstores in skincare) up to $30 for designer brands like Papier Poudre.

Ladies, don’t sweat over summer or at least make people believe that you don’t!

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