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As a baby I was baptized into the Catholic faith. It was part of my family’s identity.

I attended Catholic school from 1st Grade through high school. I learned about the Bible and the Catholic Way. I was taught to praise the Lord daily and to be kind to my enemies.

I was constantly surrounded by Catholic icons at school, in homes or at church.

Yet, now a college graduate, I don’t know what exactly I believe in. This is something I generally keep to myself, especially around family, and hopefully I am not “outed” because a relative reads this.

I don’t disown my faith. I just don’t think it is right for me to say my beliefs are better than yours and, more importantly, my god is GOD. I have an open mind. I would like to believe there is a superior being, but how can we ever be certain there is? How can we know which deity is truly superior?

I believe in evolution and that dinosaurs roamed the earth. I believe the Bible is an excellent construct of allegory not a history book.

I’d be lying if I said having faith has never helped me through difficult situations, but I just feel hypocritical having doubts yet labeling myself as Catholic.

I guess you can say I’m a cross between an agnostic and an existentialist.

Meanwhile, I do believe in miracles and angels, which, I am aware, is somewhat contradictory to the aforementioned thoughts.

I want to believe.

Really, I do.

Then a miracle happened- in Northern Chile.

When the mine first collapsed in August I assumed it would be another tragedy. These stories rarely end well.

The announcement that all 33 miners were alive after 69 days blew my mind. I watched the rescue footage on the edge of my seat hoping that all miners would make it out- I was so awestruck I cried tears of joy. It was truly a beautiful sight watching the rescue crew working towards a common goal and all focused on the moment at hand. The triumphant cheers, tears, hugs and smiles with each rescue warmed my heart.

This is the type of situation that makes me think that maybe somebody or something is watching over us.

I can’t even begin to imagine what those three months felt like. I can’t even imagine what it felt like after a few days. Had I been in the situation I probably would have panicked once food was depleted and, like the miners, contemplated taking their own lives instead of dying slowly from malnourishment.

Luckily, they had hope. Hope is all we can have sometimes. Hope gives us the will to fight when we are about to fall. Had they followed the initial instinct to end their own lives this would not have been a happy ending.

“What we always wondered was why hadn’t we died, why we were alive,” said miner Yonni Barrios in a recent interview. These words mean so much. These words remind us that everything happens for a reason. Was this a crisis to help the miners realize how precious life is? Was this moment meant to make the country of Chile stronger and more united? Was this supposed to help the strengthen the bond between the miners and significant others?

Well we will never know the exact answers and we will never know if an ethereal force was watching over the miners, but we can believe. We can believe that miracles happen. We can believe that good still exists in the world today. We can believe in the power of love. We can believe that anything is possible.



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