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As If!

Posted on: 07/22/2010

I just learned that a movie I once assumed epitomized high school life is about to turn 15. Granted, I was 11 when the film opened and going to Catholic School in Arizona, I quickly learned it was a false truth, but still continued to watch this movie and quote it as often as possible.

WHATEVER, I will always love the movie Clueless until the day I die. I will always sing “Rolling with the homiesss…” at any given opportunity. I will always think of Cher & Dionne freaking out when they get on the freeway anytime I get on a freeway. I still always think “Murray” when I see Turk on Scrubs. And I still think of Travis’s heartfelt thank you to the people at McDonald’s anytime I get a McMuffin.

I suggest you take a moment this week and watch this epic 90s movie to celebrate the anniversary. Laugh at the silliness, study the fashion and remember when it was cool to declare, “AS IF!”


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  • matt: Be the right person, instead of looking for the right person.


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