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It’s summer summer time and what better way to cool off than with an ice cold cocktail. Here are two refreshing drinks containing two liquors that (I feel) often go forgotten- Alize & Hypnotiq.

Thug passion:

2 oz Alize, 2 oz champagne, ideally shaken not stirred.

These can be as ritzy as you like- use a more expensive champagne like Cristal to achieve baller status, but something like Jacquart or even Moet works just as well. On a limited budget? Sparkling wine also works in lieu of champagne.  Some people prefer serving over ice, but my preference is without.

Electric Lemonade:

1.5 oz blueberry vodka, 2 oz lemonade, .5 oz Hypnotiq, shaken  & poured over ice. Fresh lemonade is super yummy if you have the time to make it.

Homemade sangria is always a win win during these hot months. Here is a super sweet recipe:

Sangria Liqueur:
2 bottles red wine
1 cup sugar
2 cans Fresca grapefruit soda
several apples (and/or pears), oranges, peaches, lemons & limes*

*use as much or as little fruit as you like!

Melt the sugar in a couple of cups of hot water, this will keep you from having undissolved sugar in the end. Cut apples & peaches into small chunks (1″ or so)the apples absorb the wine the most- pears are also a good alternative or addition.

Peel the citrus fruits if desired and cut into wedges. I like to slice some of the oranges for visual appeal. Mix the wine, sugar, fruit, and Fresca and put in the fridge for at least a few hours.

You may choose to remove lemons and limes before serving- they get slimy and your guests will most likely prefer to eat the other fruit. Serve in a wine glass or a tall glass with ice – have cocktail swords available so your guests can enjoy the fruit without getting their fingers sticky.

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