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The other day a friend, that is a student, dropped by my office.

We caught up & he asked how other friends in my circle are doing and I filled him in. He was quiet for a second and then said, “That’s cool you guys are doing grown-up things, but don’t act ‘grown-up.’ ”

He left shortly after that and I thought about what he said. At first, that seemed like the last thing I wanted to hear. Based on looks I can pass for a 20 year old and I am nearly 30- don’t I want to act “grown-up” to make up for my youthful appearance? How am I supposed to be taken seriously if my  mannerisms aren’t “grown-up”? I don’t consider myself immature, but I’m not a “stuffy” grown-up.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

My friend, for example, is a student in his late 20s. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing by any means. He just falls into the category of Y’s/millenials that either a) decided to go to college later in life or b) returned to college after dropping out years ago. Kudos to everyone that takes that plunge no matter what age!

The advantage of going to college straight out of high school is that the experience definitely shapes you for adulthood. It prepares you to jump through hoops & work your ass off, yet you can also gain expertise in balancing/juggling work & play. Come on, work hard play hard is the only way! Not to mention you learn that, unfortunately, (and hopefully by witnessing not doing) kissing ass can get you too far- even if you are some dim-witted asshat.

So I guess, in a way college helps you become a “grown-up.”

After graduation you get thrown to the wolves world and try to find your place. Well, at least you should take that course of action. It seems the sad truth is many of my peers seem to do what they think they should be doing. Following this logic these types of people would also, presumably, resort to behaving as a “grown-up;” i.e. acting stuffy, taking things to seriously and fusing one’s true identity with their work persona. That being said, this category of people can be labeled as  grown-ups acting “grown-up,” but not in a good way.

I don’t live to work. What a waste of life! I mean it’s one thing doing what you love, but that is the key thing- you should be doing what you love! Even if it means dressing up your cats, playing video games, roughhousing with sports, laughing at fart jokes, collecting Hello Kitty toys, playing dress-up, making art, dancing all night, etc. etc. Yes, those are all things I do and I love it. Plus I hold down a full time job, so I guess therein lies me being a grown-up without acting like one!

And that is fabulous!

Some of the most admirable & youthful people I know range from ages 60-90.  They definitely fall into the non-grownup category, but hey, goes to show age is just a number!

Cheers to all the newfound “grown-ups” particularly the dreamers, gamers, lovers, athletes, nerds, fun-seekers, writers, performers and everyone else young at heart. Be proud to be an adult without acting like a stiff jerk!

I happened to come across a blogspot I had to create for a class in college.

All of the silly/embarrassing parts (like the url, headlines & interests) are still pretty accurate for the most part.

If you want to know more about Victorian literature or just want a good laugh you should check it out: The Mindless Banter of Another Lost Youth.

Sadly, after reading this I feel compelled to go analyze a novel…


Oh, college- what a wild fling we had.

I had such a love-hate relationship with you. You managed to bring me to tears more than I could count. When our time was through I was absolutely ecstatic to leave you in my past.

Oh, how time has changed.

Now I feel like my brain is rotting. Slowly shriveling away like a tiny raisin in my skull.

I miss structured teaching or being forced to pick up a novel I otherwise would toss aside.

Most of all, I miss being forced to sit and write ridiculously long papers analyzing a smaller piece of writing.

What is wrong with this picture?

If I had extra money to toss around I would have shipped myself off to culinary school by now. Then, after graduating, I would go back to college for a Masters. It all sounds so simple.

This brings me to the question of, “Why are the least likely candidates for a degree always the ones with money to burn?” To put it in simple terms, “Why do rich parents waste money on their spoiled, unmotivated kid’s college education?” Do these parents really think a Sociology degree takes 8 years (and yes I mean a Bachelors)?

I would have been in heaven if I could have gone to school 1) for free, 2) without working and 3) for an indefinite amount of time for whatever I pleased.

I’d like to see those kids work nearly 40 hours, go to school for 18 and have a double major in 5 years. Stop your moaning about having two classes a week. You have no idea what hard work means and, mostly likely, you will never try to learn what it means. I am no prodigy, but just goes to show it can be done. I was lucky enough to have some scholarship money, but the costs of college and basic living will burn a whole in anyone’s pocket.

I hate you spoiled rich kids. I hate you.

I thought that my grudge would dissipate after high school, but it has only worsened. I envy the ease that the rich can get richer. Sure if I had a six figure plus bank account I would make investments, purchase more music equipment and start up a high end bakery. Oh, and I would buy a NEW car. A car with less than 80K miles that isn’t destined to fall apart after a few short years. Hell, I could probably buy a house too- because I know how to budget.

I know how to stretch my dollar. You have to learn how to stretch your dollar when you work your ass off for it. You learn to appreciate what you have. Do you know how to live for less than $1k/year? Could you?

Okay, so maybe I am a little bitter, but I am sure those of you that have been in my position are. It gives me more motivation to work hard, but at the same time it feels like a never-ending uphill battle. Especially considering the current economic situation.

I want to go back to school SO BAD, but out of state. Naturally, I would get scholarships, but those only go so far. Then what happens after I graduate? Will I be like the other current Masters graduates? Will I have put myself through additional stressful years of school to work as a waitress or a barista? Will I be making even less money than I am now?

I won’t have any answers until I experience for myself. Only a leap of faith will tell me if I made the right decision.

For now I still have no idea what I am going to do. Just as the rich get richer the poor get poorer, so I must plan wisely.

Regardless, hard work pays off and I know how to make my finances last. This isn’t all about the money- this is about pursuing my passions. I don’t care if I get a job as a baker or a college professor or a dj and make little money. You know why? Because I will be doing what I love. If I can simply do that I will have succeeded.

**Edit: I was able to live on such a small income, because I had been saving money since I was 4 and don’t forget the grant money. Selling old books, clothes, etc. also helped- just ideas for those of you that may be in the same boat. You can do it!!**

Ahh, it is that wonderful time of the year again- back to school. I suppose for kids nowadays it is known as “BaK 2 sKooL” or something along those lines.

I live in a college town and live in the same house I spent my college years (which is very close to campus). This is a curse and a blessing. I love being able to walk to numerous bars, eateries or shops whenever I please. I also appreciate the lush landscape of the campus (I live in the desert, so grass is a rarity) and being able to go play at my little heart’s desire.

Now, what I don’t like so much- the chaos that ensues when the students arrive. Ten months out of the year sorority girls attempt to bike while drinking a latte and texting, bros shout slurred threats at each other outside my bedroom window in the wee hours of the morning, shopping takes ten times as long due to the aforementioned happening in the store and traffic sucks due to all of the above.  Currently, it is quite obvious that the students have returned.

Yet, for some strange reason, cussing at these ignorant fools as they ruin my day or night, I always become nostalgic about my college career. Not so much nostalgic about meeting plenty of people like that, but what I learned & how it helped me become who I am. Granted, I definitely started my college years with a partying bender (which seems to be customary) and I didn’t get my act together until my junior year, I still miss the actual act of going to class. I miss learning new things and meeting people that actually want to learn.

With that said, those of you starting another (or a first) semester of college, sure party hard, but hit the books harder. College only happens once (well, at least your undergrad). To this day I wish I had pushed myself that much further to finish with honors- don’t wind up like that. Take advantage of any study abroad programs too- a chance to study & travel for next to nothing if you have a scholarship. Above all else college is a time to develop your character and learn more about you. Before you know it will be time to settle down, choose a career or start a family. Carpe diem. Take those spontaneous road trips, spend those sleepless nights in the library, cry over that file that crashed as you were clicking “print”- I promise you it is TOTALLY worth it.

On a final note,  here is some inspiration to pursue a college education:  “I don’t like tests. That’s why I didn’t go to college. If you give me a test, I’ll most likely fail.”- Ronnie of Jersey Shore. Unless you WANT to be like Ronnie, then screw college.

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