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I was super bummed I missed EDC this year. It is always a magical summer massive and this year included DJ’s I have yet to see such as the Swedish House Mafia, MSTRKRFT & Wolfgang Gartner. EDC weekend came and went and then the articles appeared. Over 100 people taken to the hopsital and over 200 injured (most articles cite 1 death by overdose)- in a span of two days…that doesn’t seem very PLUR to me. The majority of these injuries were a result of people being selfish and inconsiderate by attempting to “beat the system” and get into the venue for free. Way to go, ASSHOLES. Since when is ANYTHING free anymore. Last year we went VIP for EDC, which saved us from the terrifying general admission line from the prior year. I had never been pushed around or torn apart from my friends (mind you we were holding on to each other) so much- I was even more shocked at the fact it was at a massive. I saw many unsuspecting victims get tickets stolen out of their hand and then pushed away as the thief charged through the main gate. I thought it was a supposed gathering of love and life and music…hmm…somebody didn’t get the memo or I misread mine.

Meanwhile, in Germany the 21st annual Love Parade just took place with about 1 million in attendance. Much to my dismay (and lack of surprise due to current trends) 100 people were injured in a stampede and 19 claimed dead. Even more disturbing, the DJ’s were told to continue playing as the stampeding took place. What the F- is going on?

Overcrowding seems to be a key issue here, so thank you greedy promoters for fueling this fire. I am not placing the blame entirely on them, but it is (or so I thought) common knowledge that if you have a large crowd of anxious people in a small space things are more likely to go awry. You get a handful of disrespectful people pushing and shoving it will naturally cause a chain reaction, thus making anxious people even more rambunctious. Even people in mosh pits help each other when they fall- just keep that in mind. Maybe I am just being a cranky old lady, but it disturbs me that so many people were hurt or killed during events promoting LOVE and PEACE. I know stampedes can happen at any given event, but come on ravers, get it together, where is the PLUR?!

I could continue my rant, but I’ll keep the peace and end it. Just remember, at any event, to be respectful and don’t push or shove. We are all in the same crowded area waiting for the same show. Naturally, we would like to make it to the show in one piece.



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