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I figured, with all the negative news lately, this nonsensical holiday was worth sharing. Today, forget all your worries and show these fuzzy little critters some affection. If you are one of those people unable to show affection to any living or non-living creature then here are 5 easy ways to show a squirrel that you care.

According to the NWF, Squirrel Appreciation Day was created by wildlife rehabilitator Christy Hargrove in 2001.

I’m not to sure why Hargrove chose to create this holiday, but, personally, I have never had a negative squirrel encounter, so I fall in the category of  a squirrel appreciator. When I was a kid I would get up every Saturday at 6 am to watch old Rocky & Bullwinkle reruns. I thought Rocky was the cutest little thing. How can you not love their beady little eyes and fluffy tails?

Eddy the Squirrel Man in St. James Park, London 2004 (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Okay, so maybe squirrels can be a little mischievous, but watching squirrel videos on YouTube is a guaranteed to make you smile. It is Squirrel Appreciation Day and the least you could do is show some appreciation. Even if a squirrel gnawed a whole in your wall you can’t deny the cuteness factor.


Recently, I was stricken by the inevitable winter-time plague. I have since recovered, but only to dive headfirst into the madness known as the “holidays”- “Happy” Holidays. I also discovered an army of bees nesting in my roof and a gaping hole in the wall behind my oven. Lovely. Happy Holidays.

In honor of the holiday season here is my gift to you. I guarantee it will bring a smile to your tired looking face.  Behold:

Kim Jong -Il Looking at Things

I am extremely mad at myself I did not learn about this sooner. This is just what I needed to chase away my bah humbugs. I have also learned that Jong-Il and I share similar interest like looking at the kitchen cabinet and crackers. Hopefully this sparks an internet sensation and the former leader will no longer be ronery.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with being ronery here is an explanation.

You’re welcome.

Who's awesome? YOU'RE awesome!

And thank you Jong-Il for looking at things. I suggest you try looking at cats. Preferably cats in tiny hats. You can thank me later (all of you).


Posted on: 12/01/2010

I would like this for Christmas, please

That’s all I got…

My how the time flies.

It is bittersweet to be considered an adult. Responsibilities now dictate how to live and boredom is no longer an option. As opposed to the days of adolescence when you were unwillingly dragged along wherever and you were forced to develop more ways to play with dirt (okay, so maybe the dirt part is only applicable to my childhood).

Unfortunately, during adulthood, you get so consumed in the motions of living you sometimes forget to live.

I know, what a hippie thing of me to say, but honestly, are you living the life you want? Are you doing what makes you happy? My life may not entirely be what I want at the moment, but I sure as hell am trying my best to fix that. You can wish for your dreams or you can work for them. Wishing is easier, but nothing ever comes without a little work.

I have been taking advantage of the simple things that give me pleasure and at the same time saving money to either further my education or my worldly travels- OR even better finding a way to achieve both simultaneously!

Reverting to life on the budget of a poor college student did not sound fun at first. In fact it still does not sound “fun.” I feel silly skipping shows that cost $10 or forgoing an outing to a restaurant. Naturally, I set aside some money before everything so I can partake in those events that happen rarely. This has definitely forced me to choose my outings wisely. Rather than going to every event I can just because I appreciate the ones I do go to.

Meals have become more rewarding too. One of my favorite and most rewarding  rituals is making a nice dinner. I don’t care if I am cooking for one and fill the sink with pots & pans. I cooked exactly what I wanted for cheap and I get to enjoy it in the comfort of my home (and with my cats).

I’ve been trying to go on more runs and walks, but rather than just focusing on my physical activity I also take in the sunset, smell flowers or stop to take a closer look at art along the way. It feels silly doing it and, in fact, I feel silly writing about this, but it has definitely helped me appreciate the little things.

Sure, I miss being able to go out whenever, dinner dates with friends or splurging on new seasonal clothes, but I am doing just fine without that. Plus, I don’t need to spend money to spend time with those I care about.

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time. Just for awhile. I guess that’s what makes it so precious- the fact you can’t control it and you never know when your time will run out.

Do something silly today. Do something you have never done, but have always wanted to do. Fuck it if you look stupid. Fuck it if it isn’t “normal.” I’m tired of behaving the way that society expects me to and I’m sure as hell you are too.

Live a little. Live a lot. Do what you love. Make your life into your own. It takes some time, but that generally means it will pay off in the end.

Whatever you do- just make the most of your time.

Today is day that will live in infamy…kinda. It was a rather odd day for Americans- well, at least educated Americans. Not only was it Columbus Day, but it was also National Coming Out Day. Oh, and if you are Canadian it was Thanksgiving too.

Once upon a time Columbus Day was a holiday that celebrated a fearless explorer and it also meant no work or school. When I was in elementary school the day before the holiday our teachers would preach about what a brave person Columbus was and how America would be non-existent without him. All the students would sit wide eyed and amazed of these tales and then we would make paper plate ships or something of the like in honor of this amazing figure.

As I grew older, and had more history lessons, it hit me Columbus was not the first person in America. In fact, he found people here and due to his poor navigation skills he mislabeled the people here “Indians.” On top of that what about other explorers that preceded him like Leif Erickson and the Norse? What really separates Columbus from Erickson? They both pillaged, plundered, raped, etc.

Fast forward to my college career and I take a lit class that focused on imperialism and resulting colonialism. Now wait- essentially there were groups of people like Columbus that “discovered and conquered,” so what makes Columbus so special? I have no idea to be honest. I would like to believe I glossed over some key point in history, but I think that is a long shot. Well, he was into the Bible, so maybe that is was differentiates him from a viking. For those of you unfamiliar with colonialism and think I am talking out of my ass go read Heart of Darkness. It is a work of fiction based on fact published in the early 20th century, but actually maybe you shouldn’t read it because you would take it too literally.

Now flash forward to present day- it’s National Coming Out Daayyyyy! It is the 21st century and for some reason certain groups of people think homosexuality is satan’s curse and a lifestyle people choose to lead. They can’t take an impartial look at an adult homosexual they have grown up with and recall, Oh yeah, I remember when John would put on Mom’s make-up and sing Barbara Streisand  when he was 4. Really, how many open minded people are really surprised when somebody comes out?

It’s never, I would have never guessed, but more like, Ahh, oh yeah, it makes sense. One of my friends that chose me as the first person to come out to reminds me of my expressionless reaction. We were organizing some items onto shelves, not quite looking each other in the eye, and she said, “Just so you know I like like girls.” I continued putting items in front of me and responded, “Oh, cool.” It wasn’t that I didn’t care it was more this is my friend and I love them for who they are and more power to them for being open.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t understand why only five states issue marriage licenses to same sex couples or why so many people look down their noses at homosexuals. Why should it matter? It is not your life it is their life. Get over yourselves and go back to your country club and atrocious art collections. And for the record homosexuality is not a trend or fad. Did we forget about people from the past like Freddy Mercury, Ma Rainey, Gertrude Stein, Michaelangelo and Lord Byron?

So my point is what would you rather celebrate on this double dose day of holidays. This mediocre guy that stumbled upon America:


Christopher Columbus: the lucky bastard that has a holiday


Or should we be celebrating what these guys stand for:


Gay guys: they embrace who they truly are and know how to party


I’ll go with the latter.

**EDIT- I thought I published this Monday 10/11/10 at 11 pm, but apparently I was already checked out for the night.**

Something must be in the air or I am aging at a rapid pace. I have been sleeping almost 10 hours a day (mind you I work 8 hours a day, so my life is literally work & sleep) and even with that I can’t seem to do anything right and I still feel like a zombie. Maybe this is my body’s natural reaction to the grown-up life, but really, we shall never know.

In one of my recent zombified, lackluster states I turned to the one failsafe thing sure to put a smile on my face- googling cute cat pictures. What can I say? Other than how can watching something like Maru & the Giant Box NOT put a smile on your face (just look at that little man’s face!). Even my brother the sports fanatic, known for the time he ripped a phonebook in half after a disappointing Yankee’s loss, laughs everytime.

Needless to say, I was overly ecstatic when I found That Cute Site. It has video and photos of our cute furry friends with categories such as pugs, cats and hedgehogs there is something for everyone. For instance, I may have been sidetracked when writing this blog by the Two Adorable Rabbits in Paper Cups. It is about as exciting as the dramatic staring gopher, but the rhythmic motion of their tiny noses is mesmerizing.

Meanwhile, back at my Little Man House, my cat Butters is attempting to climb my back, which means I need to wrap this up before he

BUT, before I go I must leave you with this.


OH, how bittersweet summer is. I live in the Sonoran Desert, which means 100+ temperatures all summer long, but it also means we experience a dry heat. I always seem to forget how lucky we are in that regard. The air is never too thick to breath and you aren’t drenched in sweat all the time. This summer I spent some time traveling around Missouri and also going up to Manhattan- now those places reminded me what a pain in the ass humidity is. It’s no fun to sweat your make-up off and just as bad to have frizz-ball hair 24/7.

Luckily, the brilliant folks at Urban Decay have created goodies to prevent summer make-up meltdowns. They are well worth the cost. De-Slick in a tube was always in my purse during my vacation adventures. It prolongs the life of foundations or powders when applied as a base & it can be used OVER make-up for touch-ups. I was wary it would leave some obscene creamy stain on my face, but it blended right in and viola, no more shine!

I also love, love UD’s All Nighter Longer Lasting Make-Up Setting Spray. I sadly have not been able to stay up long enough to put it to the 14 hour test, but I can vouch for a 12 hour life span. It really does keep your make-up put & skin looking matte even after a long night of dancing. The trick is spray an “x” (one slash at a time)  across your face from about 8-10 inches away and then step into the mist. Obviously, best to keep your eyes closed.

Want cheaper alternatives? As a teenager I learned you can use a non-aerosol hairspray as a make-up setter- not the best thing for your skin, but if you have healthy skin & need a one time setter it will get the job done. Just be sure to wash your face after. Blotting papersI stick with Clean & Clear papers- they are cheap and act like an oil sponge. also work wonders. I try to have a pack on me all the time. They come in all sizes & brands, running from $2.50 (available at drugstores in skincare) up to $30 for designer brands like Papier Poudre.

Ladies, don’t sweat over summer or at least make people believe that you don’t!


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