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I haven’t really had any inspiration these days.

Life’s surprises have kept me on my toes and my writing has been non-existent.

I meant to write about all the tragedy in Japan and, after reading countless articles, it only made me even more depressed. At this point, I figured, I may as well scrap it since it has an ongoing news story. I look forward to writing about the recovery. Japan is a strong nation and I know they will be resilient. It will be a long process, but they have overcome many hardships in the past and soon enough they will also overcome this.

In unrelated news, which you could probably care less about, I am buying a house. Even more surprising, it is the house I currently live in. This was not something I was seeking out, but circumstances have pushed me in this direction. Considering the recent financial crisis I must confess I am pretty terrified. I was able to avoid loans for college, but there is no way I can avoid a loan for this. The “M” word (mortgage) also scares me. I know it is a common part of “adult life,” but I just think the whole situation is what caught me off guard. I like to be a bit of a planner and attempting to make plans seems to be to no avail these days.  It is best to live in the present and life has definitely forced me in that direction. No need to put all this energy into plans that may never take place.

Moral of my stories:

1) No matter how crappy life gets remember it gets better. I feel fortunate I did not experience the recent events in Japan and my heart goes out to those that have.

2) All we can do is live in the present. No matter how hard we try to plan everything we can only take it as it comes.



Posted on: 09/16/2010

Yeesh. I have been re-living my youth and watching every X-Files episode (sans Daggett) starting with season 1- currently I am at episode 1 of season 5.

One of the freakiest X-Files scenarios, to me, is the mutated/unknown bacteria, virus, etc. Maybe the movie Outbreak scarred me as a child (something about the cuteness of the monkey combined with the nightmare factor of the inevitable death-bug will always haunt me), but who rally knows.

Now my fear has become a reality- or I am overreacting due to my X-Files marathon (I’m guessing the latter for the time being. Japan has just confirmed a case of a new superbug- read all about it here and here.

The NDM-1 trail has already begun. If I hear about a cute, furry animal becoming a carrier I fear I won’t be able to sleep for months. Here come the Outbreak nightmares again…

The face which haunts my dreams

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