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Oh boy, oh boy, another Monday has arrived.

You must be asking, “How can I make it through today?” and, in fact, I am thinking the same thing and haven’t the slightest idea. I can, however, leave you with this song to put some pep in your step. It always manages to bring a smile to my face and also leaves me wanting to play Galaxian. Even if it doesn’t you can watching the video over and over to kill some time.

I know I’ll always be here.

The Detroit House scene lost a legend today. I am so sad that Aaron Carl has passed. He loved his fans so much- so much so that he has been using networking sites and other multimedia means to explain his recent health problems.

Obviously, I followed Aaron’s various networking trails and his last post to the world web wide as of Tuesday was  “Finished the bone marrow biopsy. Ouch! Now I’m preparing for the lymph node removal. Surgery, here I come!”

I hoped for the best and I was sad when I saw my newsfeed flood with messages to Aaron in the afterlife. I had never been able to see him perform and I am sad I never will. I was able to watch his life from a distance with his constant posts, pictures and messages to his fans and it was obvious he was a kind, kind soul. Many will miss him.

His soul and music has and will continue to inspire me and other fans as We Are Revolutionizing the Movement of Techno and House.

Your legend will live on forever, Aaron Carl. Much love.

Aaron Carl doing what he did best

I’ve been so busy with projects that I have a major case of writer’s block. By the time I sit down pen in hand or keyboard before me my brain is already mush. Productive times like these sometimes stir inspiration- other times, not so much. Like now. Instead when I sit looking at a blank page I feel like I am examining a microcosm of my own life. A blank slate ready to be embraced by creative forces. Damn, where are these forces when I need them.

Welp…I hope inspiration bites soon, at least in the realm of writing. For now, back to Fun, Fun, Fun.

I must confess, my summer soundtrack is a 6 year old release, but I’m still loving it. Kerrier District, an alias of one of my favorite DJ’s Luke Vibert, is considered an acid funk revival. I also think the infectious beats are disco infused- think Herb Alpert meets acid house.

Take a listen for yourself, here is one of my favorite tracks (also a big fan of Illogan & Yesco).

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