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Posted on: 10/15/2010

I knew this day would come.

It is impossible to put a mass of people together in a confined space and expect perfect harmony. We are all human and conflict is, therefore, inevitable.

Funny because it's true

It is even more difficult when the mass consists of hundreds of millions and they are confined  to a virtual space- an INFINITE space beyond what we ever thought possible. Hopefully you have realized I am talking about Facebook. If you did not then please refer to the graphic above.

I was part of the lucky generation that got to experience THE Facebook (before they became cool and dropped the “the”) and the ingenuity of being a site strictly for college students. It was the perfect way to network with classmates and reconnect with old friends. The site was simple yet efficient and was the mature equivalent of myspace. You didn’t have to worry about younger siblings or older relatives seeing the photos from your recent night of drunken debauchery and you didn’t have to watch your language. It was great and you were simply among peers.

Naturally, you could still find people like this guy:

I'm too sexy for my shirt

But we all know that guy is everywhere in cyberspace.


Facebook became a global phenomenon. It was open to more than just college students and suddenly everybody had an account. Poop.

Then the Zynga and similar groups started up with the addictive games (I admit, I succumbed to Mafia Wars for many months) and then there was an app for everything (“What Type of ___¬† Are You? ) Getting bombarded with requests and seeing all the Farmville updates in newsfeed every few seconds became annoying, but it was easy to block and ignore such things.

Okay, problem solved.

Too bad it seems that more people than ever have an account- not to mention family members from your 5 year old cousin to grandma. Well, that’s also fine. Just watch what you say.

This will all be fine. How can Facebook get worse?

Wait a minute. Every month it seems there are layout changes and new “features” added. I mean, do you really want to display every freaking location you go to. Do you really want to announce to the world “I AM IN A DRUNKEN STUPOR ACROSS TOWN- PLEASE ROB ME.” I also liked how FB assumed you would want to make you phone number public. I mean really? Let’s give everyone the ability to bother you at any given moment. Give your crazy ex a chance to blow up your phone- we love that.

I mean I am aware you can set privacy boundaries, but, of course, there are those that don’t and they provide every last detail of personal information down to social security number.

Is it really so hard to understand how that is dangerous?

Well, those guys can deal with it when they come home to an empty house or find a stalker passed out on their stoop.

Then you have the people that don’t know what their personal FB boundaries should be. Like the couples that seem to think we don’t feel awkward and slightly dirty when they publicly and passively fight through wall posts?

Gotta love the people that go off on everyone after a bad day and leave a trail of curse words in the newsfeed. I mean why would I feel dirty when I see you dropping f-bombs all over your mom’s page?

And no I don’t want to see a picture of you on the toilet. That is not comedy- it is disgusting. And for the love of god, please don’t post a picture of your bizarro tattoo on a place where the sun never shines.

Get this as a tattoo and post a picture to your FB if you want me to never speak to you again

The creme de la creme are the new political pages and apps popping up everywhere. Let’s just add fuel to this fire. Since politics are notorious for bringing large groups together. I think everyone is free to their own opinion, but, quite frankly, it scares me when some of you go off on your propaganda rampages. I avoid discussing politics in certain situations for a reason.

Then who can ignore the posts of obvious misinformation? The fabricated truths that stir people up, but, for some reason, by chance, you certainly know the story is false. It can be anything from a news story to I saw you-know-who at you-know-where. Obviously, it is difficult to argue with the majority, so you eventually let it slide and it will snowball out of control on it’s own.

All of these scenarios have caused me to push away from FB for periods at a time and now I am even contemplating killing off my page.

I have definitely realized that some things are better kept to oneself and that things like relationships should be private for a reason. I know I am better off without reading status updates about the giant crap you just took or about the anonymous person you banged in the bathroom at Denny’s.

I’d be lying if I said some of these things don’t secretly amuse me, but sometimes it is just a weeeeeeee bit too much. Afterall,

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