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I apologize for the lack of updates- I have been out of town for a wedding between two of my closest friends. This was the second set of close friends of mine to tie the knot & I was grateful to be a part of both of these beautiful ceremonies.

You always hear the term “bridezilla” come up when discussing weddings. It is assumed that any bride to be is simultaneously morphed into some estrogen-driven beast that will stop at nothing to ensure her perfect wedding. I have to say neither of my lovely lady friends were like this. Naturally, some stress will arise, but who wouldn’t be stressed by planning a ceremony & gathering for 100 plus people.

All the ladies involved in a wedding always seem to understand this pressure. This past weekend it was an amazing sight to see all the bride’s maids and close friends drop whatever to help the bride. Whether it was making sure she ate, finding her flowers, getting her in her dress, it was a perfect symphony of friends working together to achieve a common goal- an unforgettable day.

This past weekend’s ceremony was beautiful in so many ways. It was a rainbow wedding, which meant every color detail was meticulously planned (eg. bride’s maids & groom’s men wore ROYGBV & stood accordingly). From ribbons, gemstones, M&Ms and colored lights, every spectrum of the rainbow was appropriately represented. As I took in the beautiful vision of all the colors that surrounded me I realized that the true beauty lies within. As I watched people interact from my post at the wedding party table I saw family & friends meshing smiles, laughter & tears during this joyous occasion. The intricate decorations provided a surreal backdrop, but had that been taken all away it still would have been an equally beautiful day.

So brides to be- don’t sweat. It’s okay to stress a little, we all do, and it’s okay to ask for help- no need to carry the world on your shoulders. Just remember your family & friends love you and all have the same goal in mind for your wedding day- to have a memorable and beautiful day. Oh ya and don’t forget to breath and eat ❤



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