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Unless you live in a desolate cave out in the middle of nowhere you have probably read about the “end of days” incidents involving dead birds falling from the sky and dead fish washing ashore. Obviously, this sparked my interest since it resembles something out of the X-Files.

If you do live in a cave or just don’t keep up with current events, here is a recap. It all began December 30, 2010 in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. At least 100 tons of dead sardines, catfish and croakers washed ashore. Then New Year’s Eve thousands of dead birds fell over Beebe Arkansas. In the following days (up until today) incidents include:

  • 100,000 dead fish found along a 20-mile stretch between the Ozark Dam and Highway 109 Bridge in Franklin County
  • 500 dead redwing blackbirds were found scattered along a quarter of a mile span of highway in Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana
  • Hundreds of dead birds were found near the Murray State University (KY)
  • Hundreds of fish washed ashore on St. Clair River in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
  • Thousands of dead fish washed up along Spruce Creek, in Orange Florida
  • 2 million fish wash onto the shore of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland saw
  • 200 Dead birds found in Tyler, Texas on highway 155 over the Lake O’Pines
  • 150 dead grackles found on the side of the road in Wilson Tennessee

More recently, the “deaths” have extended beyond North America with:

  • 50-100 crows were found dead along a street in Falkoeping, West Sweden
  • 40,000 velvet swimming crabs washed ashore dead in Kent England
  • Hundreds of snapper fish, many missing their eyes washed ashore on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula

Naturally, the immediate reaction of many has been, THE APOCALYPSE IS NEAR! Religious cooks are having a field day claiming this is society’s punishment for leading such sinful lives. I highly doubt either of these is true. If I am proven wrong at a later date I will publicly apologize before the four horsemen of the apocalypse come to sacrifice me.

Meanwhile, we have a handful of others that believe these events are not related whatsoever. I beg to differ. Did everyone forget about the BP oil spill that happened last April (which was not even sealed until September) that resulted in millions of gallons of spilled oil? What about the physical damage and irreversible damage done to the Gulf of Mexico? Well, BP did claim that the government “overestimated” the size and now everything is okay, so I guess we should believe those guys- I mean it’s not like they are trying to protect their image and need their BILLIONS of dollars-

Whoops…got a little sidetracked…any-who…

Fortunately, many scientists have been scrambling to find logical answers to this eerie mystery. It has already been discovered that many of the dead birds found in America died from blunt trauma internally. Prior to these events, many of the cities involved experienced brutal winds at up to 120 mph, which is a possible explanation for the mysterious injuries. Currently, they are still trying to figure out the what happened to the aquatic life and so far believe it was due to the extreme cold spell in those regions (causing a dramatic drop in water temperatures).

In the meantime many scientists have centered their attention on The New Madrid Faultline– a common thread for these catastrophes. The faultline is said to have the potential to be more lethal than the San Andreas Fault. Ooo, spooky. In 1812 the fault was responsible for the New Madrid Earthquake, which was one of the largest in American history. More recently, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, more than 500 measurable earthquakes have been recorded in central Arkansas just since September (hmm…the same time BP “sealed” the well).


So, maybe, just maybe, the BP well debacle happened to hit the New Madrid Faultline or it sparked a revival of seismic activity, which has caused this increase in earthquakes and possibly these odd atmospheric changes.

If you think I am talking out of my ass remember that the continents began as Pangea. Shame on you if you have no idea what Pangea is. Anyways, and excuse me if I don’t sound scientific here I am and English & Creative Writing major, the Earth’s crust is constructed of plates like a puzzle. The plates move very slowly, yet they do move. For example, faultlines are results of tectonic (plate motion) forces and are essentially gaps in the earth’s surface. Mountains are a visible product of plate collisions from the distant past and oceanic trenches (the deepest part of the seafloor) also indicate plate boundaries. So, perhaps, the deep drilling along the Gulf happened to hit a trench and trigger some reaction. It would be similar to the reaction caused if somebody hit a puzzle with a blunt object- not only would the area that came in contact with the object separate, but other sections would be affected as well. It may not be a dramatic separation in certain parts, but there would be a reaction nonetheless.

For now, we still don’t know what caused these strange incidents, so we can only speculate. I’m curious to see what scientists discover and even if the New Madrid revival is unrelated to the animal deaths I think that is something we will need to keep in mind. Even volcanoes that are said to be instinct have the slight possibility of coming back to life. I’m not trying to scare anyone- I am just reminding you Mother nature is a rabid beast. RABID.


As a baby I was baptized into the Catholic faith. It was part of my family’s identity.

I attended Catholic school from 1st Grade through high school. I learned about the Bible and the Catholic Way. I was taught to praise the Lord daily and to be kind to my enemies.

I was constantly surrounded by Catholic icons at school, in homes or at church.

Yet, now a college graduate, I don’t know what exactly I believe in. This is something I generally keep to myself, especially around family, and hopefully I am not “outed” because a relative reads this.

I don’t disown my faith. I just don’t think it is right for me to say my beliefs are better than yours and, more importantly, my god is GOD. I have an open mind. I would like to believe there is a superior being, but how can we ever be certain there is? How can we know which deity is truly superior?

I believe in evolution and that dinosaurs roamed the earth. I believe the Bible is an excellent construct of allegory not a history book.

I’d be lying if I said having faith has never helped me through difficult situations, but I just feel hypocritical having doubts yet labeling myself as Catholic.

I guess you can say I’m a cross between an agnostic and an existentialist.

Meanwhile, I do believe in miracles and angels, which, I am aware, is somewhat contradictory to the aforementioned thoughts.

I want to believe.

Really, I do.

Then a miracle happened- in Northern Chile.

When the mine first collapsed in August I assumed it would be another tragedy. These stories rarely end well.

The announcement that all 33 miners were alive after 69 days blew my mind. I watched the rescue footage on the edge of my seat hoping that all miners would make it out- I was so awestruck I cried tears of joy. It was truly a beautiful sight watching the rescue crew working towards a common goal and all focused on the moment at hand. The triumphant cheers, tears, hugs and smiles with each rescue warmed my heart.

This is the type of situation that makes me think that maybe somebody or something is watching over us.

I can’t even begin to imagine what those three months felt like. I can’t even imagine what it felt like after a few days. Had I been in the situation I probably would have panicked once food was depleted and, like the miners, contemplated taking their own lives instead of dying slowly from malnourishment.

Luckily, they had hope. Hope is all we can have sometimes. Hope gives us the will to fight when we are about to fall. Had they followed the initial instinct to end their own lives this would not have been a happy ending.

“What we always wondered was why hadn’t we died, why we were alive,” said miner Yonni Barrios in a recent interview. These words mean so much. These words remind us that everything happens for a reason. Was this a crisis to help the miners realize how precious life is? Was this moment meant to make the country of Chile stronger and more united? Was this supposed to help the strengthen the bond between the miners and significant others?

Well we will never know the exact answers and we will never know if an ethereal force was watching over the miners, but we can believe. We can believe that miracles happen. We can believe that good still exists in the world today. We can believe in the power of love. We can believe that anything is possible.

If the X-Files have taught us anything it should be 1) trust no one and 2) especially do not trust the government. Case in point- our governments recent apology for infecting hundreds of people in Guatemala with gonorrhea and syphilis without their knowledge.

Psch, well that’s just too bad for Guatemala, isn’t it? We would never do that in America…right? Apparently some people forgot about a little something called Tuskegee– i.e. infecting unknowing “test subjects” with syphilis. Did I mention it happened in Alabama to poor black men for forty years?

Great job, America. You did it again. I can’t wait to see what other great, dark secrets you hold or should I say what other viruses you happily spread. I’m sticking with Fox Mulder on this one- trust no one.

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Posted on: 09/16/2010

Yeesh. I have been re-living my youth and watching every X-Files episode (sans Daggett) starting with season 1- currently I am at episode 1 of season 5.

One of the freakiest X-Files scenarios, to me, is the mutated/unknown bacteria, virus, etc. Maybe the movie Outbreak scarred me as a child (something about the cuteness of the monkey combined with the nightmare factor of the inevitable death-bug will always haunt me), but who rally knows.

Now my fear has become a reality- or I am overreacting due to my X-Files marathon (I’m guessing the latter for the time being. Japan has just confirmed a case of a new superbug- read all about it here and here.

The NDM-1 trail has already begun. If I hear about a cute, furry animal becoming a carrier I fear I won’t be able to sleep for months. Here come the Outbreak nightmares again…

The face which haunts my dreams


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