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Ahh, it is that wonderful time of the year again- back to school. I suppose for kids nowadays it is known as “BaK 2 sKooL” or something along those lines.

I live in a college town and live in the same house I spent my college years (which is very close to campus). This is a curse and a blessing. I love being able to walk to numerous bars, eateries or shops whenever I please. I also appreciate the lush landscape of the campus (I live in the desert, so grass is a rarity) and being able to go play at my little heart’s desire.

Now, what I don’t like so much- the chaos that ensues when the students arrive. Ten months out of the year sorority girls attempt to bike while drinking a latte and texting, bros shout slurred threats at each other outside my bedroom window in the wee hours of the morning, shopping takes ten times as long due to the aforementioned happening in the store and traffic sucks due to all of the above.  Currently, it is quite obvious that the students have returned.

Yet, for some strange reason, cussing at these ignorant fools as they ruin my day or night, I always become nostalgic about my college career. Not so much nostalgic about meeting plenty of people like that, but what I learned & how it helped me become who I am. Granted, I definitely started my college years with a partying bender (which seems to be customary) and I didn’t get my act together until my junior year, I still miss the actual act of going to class. I miss learning new things and meeting people that actually want to learn.

With that said, those of you starting another (or a first) semester of college, sure party hard, but hit the books harder. College only happens once (well, at least your undergrad). To this day I wish I had pushed myself that much further to finish with honors- don’t wind up like that. Take advantage of any study abroad programs too- a chance to study & travel for next to nothing if you have a scholarship. Above all else college is a time to develop your character and learn more about you. Before you know it will be time to settle down, choose a career or start a family. Carpe diem. Take those spontaneous road trips, spend those sleepless nights in the library, cry over that file that crashed as you were clicking “print”- I promise you it is TOTALLY worth it.

On a final note,  here is some inspiration to pursue a college education:  “I don’t like tests. That’s why I didn’t go to college. If you give me a test, I’ll most likely fail.”- Ronnie of Jersey Shore. Unless you WANT to be like Ronnie, then screw college.

One of my guilty pleasures has to be Jersey Shore. They are definitely not the brightest, but hey, that makes it more entertaining. Apparently, many others feel this way, from teeny boppers to…business men?

Check out where the JS crew made an appearance today. I had to do a double take when I first saw that. I thought opening the NYSE was supposed to be for people of more knowledge and power. Then again, maybe not. In order to ring the bell you need be a politician, hero or entertainer. Upon further investigation people like Ryan Seacrest have also had this honor.

I’m not saying I wish I was invited to ring the opening NYSE bell, but I am saying that as I grow older I feel like the movie Idiocracy is coming to fruition. Soon enough the cast of Ow! My Balls! will be making appearances and GTL will be a thing of the past. Goes to show if you want to make a name for yourself you may as well forgo spending the money & energy on an education and, instead, work on your …tan? Damn. I wish I knew this before I ended my college career. Had I trained to be a broad instead I could be the next  Snooki. Don’t get me wrong, I’d party with Snooki all night, but aren’t there people doing bigger and better things (okay, maybe the pouf was pretty big) that deserve reocognition?

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